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Pack Cleaning Spray French  Kutjo

Pack Cleaning Spray French Kutjo


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Kutjo's Screen Spray, and its essential oil lotion, disinfects and eliminates 99% of bacteria on your phone, computer and tablet screens. Kutjo products are made in France.


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The suitable cleaning solution for screens that combines design, efficiency and safety. Cleaning all your devices The spray keeps your screens clean, even the most fragile, eliminating fingerprints or grease for better visibility. Multi-purpose, it prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, connected watch, glasses or even your camera! Antibacterial solution suitable for screens A smartphone is handled on average 300 times a day and its screen harbors more than 25,000 different germs. Used daily, computers, smartphones, tablets are real nests for bacteria ... To preserve their hygiene and extend their lifespan, a few sprays of Kutjo are enough! Always at hand Easily transportable, it allows you to clean your smartphone, PC or tablet in all circumstances. This little spray has no trouble finding its place in the purse or computer sleeve. Bio-sourced cleansing and antibacterial lotion Its lotion is formulated with ethyl alcohol and essential oils, Kutjo cleans your devices and eliminates 99% of bacteria. Completely natural, it is safe for you or your mobile. Capacity 15 ml. Kutjo: an eco-responsible brand Your cleaning kit is also rechargeable! Once your spray has been purchased and the first disinfectant lotion refill is used up after 200 sprays, you can simply redeem a cleaning and disinfectant lotion refill and keep your previously purchased spray. Made in France Your disinfectant spray is entirely made in France, in the laboratory in Saint-Etienne. Not only to create quality products but also to support the French economy. Eco-designed products The sprays are made from recycled plastic and are also recyclable. As for the microfiber wipes, they are washable in clean water and dry very quickly. To encourage reuse once the lotion is empty, refills are available. Reusable and multifunctional packaging The packaging used for your cleaning kit is a transparent plastic zip pouch that protects your spray and your smartphone! It's a reusable pouch, no need to throw it in the trash! Open and close at will, this resistant pouch will accompany you for months. How to prime the lotion: - Remove the spray refill. - Place the flake vertically with the pump down. - Press several times so that the lotion flows from the pump. - Put the refill back in the spray, spray several times by activating the press. "

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