100% Biodegradable and compostable, the Just Green case effectively protects your mobile ... and the planet !

Flexible with a soft touch effect, it offers elegant protection for your mobile everyday while respecting the environment.

Composed of biobased vegetable organic matter harmless to the environment, the Just Green case is fully biodegradable.

Your case will be able to decompose entirely into carbon dioxide and water, leaving no toxic residue in nature.

Recyclable cases

100% recyclable, the Just Green transparent case is the eco-friendly accessory for your mobile !

Its transparent and ultra thin finish sublimes your mobile and offers discreet protection on a daily basis while preserving the resources of the planet.

Composed exclusively of TPU, the Just Green case is fully recyclable and helps to recover old used phone case for a circular economy.

Recyclable cables and chargers

100% recyclable, Just Green cables and chargers, recharge your mobile devices while preserving the planet's resources!

Composed of recycled and recyclable materials, Just Green cables and charging bases help to enhance all the materials contained in the cables for a circular economy.

Recharge and synchronize your mobile devices quickly while respecting the environment.

Practical and robust, they are suitable for your daily use, for your home, your office, your car or sharing with family or friends.