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Ocean Cleaning

Our action
The fight against plastic pollution of the oceans

Created in 2016 by the navigator Yvan Bourgnon, the association The SeaCleaners aims to combat plastic pollution.


Thanks to the unique ship of its kind, sailing on clean, solar, and wind energy, the Manta, it will be able to collect, sort, compact and store or recover waste in large quantities, thanks to a real recycling plant on board.

  Raise awarness

Raise awareness and educate audiences with actions in schools, fairs and festivals in France, but also internationally in areas impacted by plastic pollution.


A scientific program which aims to identify and study the behavior of plastic macro-waste at sea. With this global vision, Manta will constitute both an educational tool, a scientific laboratory and a lever for the circular economy.

Provide your support by cleaning oceans

Find all the information of this association on: www.theseacleaners.org

Certified climate projects

Our action to offset our carbon footprint.


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